Monday, January 21, 2013

Treat yourself to Nutella

1 jar of Nutella + 1 spoon = guilty pleasure. I guess you could also spread it on bread if you must.

I have been very disciplined and haven't had Nutella in the house for many years, but this special at Coles could lure me back to the dark-brown side. A 400g jar of Ferrero's seductive choc hazelnut spread is $3.50 (save $1.19). On sale until 29 January.

Meanwhile at Woolworths, the larger 750g jar is $5 (save $2.59) until 22 January. This is a better deal, as it works out to 67c per 100g, versus Coles' 88c. However, you are really committing to Nutella if you let that baby into your house.

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