Friday, January 18, 2013

Men's leather shoes at Big Dubs

I was in Big Dubs QV earlier, where back-to-school season is in full swing. I thought I'd check out some of the shoes I'd seen in the catalogue. I tried on the Bata Scouts as I can just squeak into the bottom end of men's shoe sizing. They weren't bad.

Anyway, I saw some other men's shoes on special that I either had missed or that weren't advertised.

These grey suede desert boots are half price at $20. They're leather, and the colour is a little warmer than these pics show. Here's a closer look.

But if you are not into the desert boot look and instead would like to project an Ivy League image at community-college prices, how about these leather boat shoes for $15?

I will never understand why boat shoes are cool now. When I was a teenager, they were the exclusive preserve of obnoxious private schoolboys in rugby shirts. But anyway.

Of course, you'd have to pick your pair carefully to make sure you didn't get one with munted stitching. Some ideas to make them more jaunty include replacing the laces with white or colourful ones (white would look quite fresh and crisp, IMHO), or colouring in the white stitching or the sole with brightly coloured permanent pen.

There were also some black canvas loafers by Mambo that had a sort of creeper-ish sole. They were $30, if you like that sort of look.

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