Sunday, January 6, 2013

More surprising fruit and veg bargains

I feel like I should maybe eat my words regarding Foodworks being the dirt supermarket, because its latest catalogue has some pretty good fruit and veg specials.

First, it has bananas for $1.99 a kilo, which is the same price as Woolworths, and they're $2.50 a kilo at Coles.

And second, Foodworks has four cobs of corn for $3. Admittedly, Coles does sell four cobs for $2, but Woolworths charges 98c per cob, which would work out to $3.92 for four.

Foodworks catalogues are a sorry sight compared to the multi-page Coles and Woolies ones, though. It's one piece of paper, folded into four pages. You can't fit many specials in there.

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