Friday, January 18, 2013

Esky buys, A-listed

Every summer I decide to buy an esky then demur, aghast by how expensive they are. But I guess they are an investment. My parents still use the coolers I recall from my childhood. They must be 30 or more years old by now.

But never fear; if you want to see numbers in action, there are some good bargains to be had on coolers right now. If you'd like a small, easy-to-carry esky to take to picnics and BBQs, at Ray's Outdoors the Frostbite 8L BBQ Cooler is $14.99 (save $15). By comparison, an Esky brand 10L cooler is $24.97 at Big Dubs.

If you'd like something bigger, head to Ray's Outdoors for a Frostbite 40L wheeled cooler for $59.99 (save $20), and a 70L wheeled cooler is $89.99 (save $30).

Compare this to a Willow 44L cooler at Big Dubs for $73.84, or a 65L Esky Ice King that's actually on special at Big Dubs right now for $118 (save $30).

Coles has a red-hot bargain at the moment – a 55L Willow Wheelie Cooler for $50 (save a monstrous $46.57). This is on sale until 22 January, but I wouldn't be surprised if they run out of stock.

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