Thursday, January 17, 2013

Schmeatherston chairs at Plush Furniture

To my chagrin, Grant Featherston's R160 Contour Chair has entered into the pantheon of Ripped-Off Design Classics, along with Noguchi coffee tables, Eames lounge chairs and Barcelona sofas.

The original chairs date from 1951-55 and are inspired by a bent tram ticket. Those sell for big bucks in the midcentury antiques market – even a busted frame can fetch four figures on eBay.

Most replicas cost $700-$1500. Matt Blatt charges $1395 for its version, which it claims is an exact replica of the original.

Anyway, so that's the context for me looking at the latest Plush furniture catalogue and seeing they're now doing Featherston ripoff "contour accent chairs" in baby-blue, red, taupe and chartreuse for just $499. That's by far the cheapest I've ever seen this style.

I don't know whether to feel pleased or annoyed. I'm pleannoyed.

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  1. Featherston would turn in his grave! I grew up near the Aristoc factory. This is the stuff of my childhood. Thought I'd splash out and buy 3 from Plush. Two were OK, one badly put together. Only picked up Friday and Plush will not exchange readily! They want me to spend a day at home so someone from a leather company can inspect, assess & report. Not happy! Hope the other two don't fall apart in the meantime! Grrrr