Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thirst-quenching specials

Weather's been hot, huh? I bet you're thirsty. Well, you're in luck. Until Tuesday 8 January, Coles is selling 15 cans of Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink at half price – $6.49.

A pack of four cans of V Energy Drink is also half price – $4.61. That's excellent value for workaholics and party animals. But from 12 January at Aldi, you can get a 1.2L bottle of V for $4.99. Holy shit. I had no idea they sold it in bottles that large. You will probably have a heart attack if you drink the entire thing.

At Coles you can also get the limited-edition retro slabs of Fanta, Sprite or Mello Yello for half price – $12.44 a slab.

Looking at these old logos makes me realise how much packaging designers these days rely on drop shadows, gradients and illustrative elements which look quite crass and busy compared to the clean, flat colour, simple typefaces and geometric imagery of the original logos. Compare and contrast with the contemporary packaging:

For people who like the taste of Coke Zero and were like, "I wish there were other flavours of Coke Zero!" well your dreams have come true at Woolworths, which has Coke Zero Cherry. It comes in 600ml bottles at 2 for $5 (save $1.15) or in an eight-pack of "mini refreshment" 200ml cans for $5 (save $2.63).

Farmer's Union Iced Coffee is also 2 for $5 at Woolworths. That's one for you and one for your mate down the building site!

But for people who don't like or can't tolerate dairy, Coles has Almond Breeze almond milk for $2 a litre (save $1.29). This is a pretty good deal, since almond milk is the most expensive of the non-dairy milks.  

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