Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New year's resolution supplies

Have you vowed to quit smoking in 2013? Woolworths is here to help, with 20% off Nicabate products. Specifically, a 7 pack of CQ patches is $24.99 (save $6.50), a 60 pack of mini lozenges is $23.19 (save $5.80) and a 96 pack of gum is $21.99 (save $6). The deal excludes 24-packs of gum and mini lozenges.

And to clean you up for the new year, Woolies has Metamucil for $14 (save $4) and a pack of 30 Berocca for $10 (save $4).

Do you want to lose weight this year? Coles has assorted packs of five Celebrity Slim "Delicious Meal Replacement Shakes" for $22 (save $5.99). On sale until 15 January.

Other miserable diet products available at Coles include Nature's Way Slim Right Powder Chocolate for $10.50 (save $3.20) and Weight Watchers muesli bars for $3 (save 99c) and Weight Watchers frozen meals for $4 (save $1.79).

Honestly, don't do that to yourself, buddy. Have some carbs instead. Hot cross buns are already instore at both Coles at 2 for $6 and Woolies at 3 for $9. And Aldi has loaves of raisin toast for $2 – it's the toast I like most!

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