What's all this about?
I've always loved reading junk mail, and I'm a total tightarse, so in May 2012 I started blogging my favourite bargains from the catalogues I get in my letterbox. In January 2013 I decided to give these posts their very own blog.

Do you work for any of these stores or brands?
Nope. I'm a freelance journalist with no affiliation to any of the companies I write about. This blog is not a paid endorsement for any brand, and I receive no freebies. It's my own personal, independent opinion as a consumer.

Do you blog anywhere else?
Yes, my personal blog is A Wild Young Under-Whimsy, and my research blog is Footpath Zeitgeist.

Can you tell me what's currently on sale at [insert store]?
No, I don't reproduce the catalogues here. You can usually view them online by typing www.[insert store] into your browser.

Surely there are more bargains out there than this?
Oh, totally. But this isn't meant to be exhaustive. It's just the stuff I get excited about, and it reflects my own tastes. For me, a 'bargain' isn't just about price, but also what I could do with these products, or how they might fit into my life. I'm also quite opinionated about catalogue design, and products that are just funny or ridiculous.

Do you compare prices at different stores?
Not actively, unless I happen to notice in my reading that the same items are available in several places. There are plenty of price comparison websites already, including Getprice, WhatsOnSale and Shopbot.

Why do you always write about the same stores? Why isn't [insert store] in your list?
I just work with the catalogues I get sent. If I don't have a catalogue, I can't peruse its bargains. On the other hand, I might have looked at [insert store]'s catalogue and decided there weren't any bargains I liked in it.

Can I tell you about a bargain I like?
Sure! Just leave a comment here or on my Facebook page, or tweet me with the hashtag #junkmailbargains. If I get excited about it too, I'll totally put it up here.