Friday, January 25, 2013

Contact crafts

Back-to-school is an excellent time to stock up on stationery supplies that you can then use in cool craft projects.

At Big W until 30 January, selected 1m rolls of adhesive book covering are $2.48. These include various prints, plains and metallics. And plain clear contact is just 50c for a 1m roll. Meanwhile at Kmart, 2m rolls of plain coloured contact (colours include purple, aqua, hot pink and apple green) are just $1 a roll.

Here are some DIY projects I like that use contact paper.

Draw on the contact (still with backing paper attached) with textas and cut out the shapes. You've just made your own stickers! (This is a great project for kids.)

Use clear contact to 'frost' over a pane of glass. This design is basically a lot of identical shapes cut out of contact using a stencil, and carefully stuck on the window.

Cut the paper into geometric shapes to make decorative wall decals.

Stick tissue paper to clear contact to make 'stained glass' decorations.

Jazz up an old chest of drawers. (I've also seen this done with a filing cabinet.)

Zany polka-dot walls!

Line an old baking tray with contact and hang on/prop against the wall as a magnet board. Useful for storing notes and documents in other places than the fridge – say, at your desk, or by the phone or the front door.

Easy party bunting!

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