Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be your own Valentine

This time of year the shops are full of 'romantic' tat for Valentine's Day – lingerie, roses and chocolates, mainly. But why give that stuff to someone else when you can give it to yourself, lover?

In particular, I think I might treat myself to some half-price fancy chocs at Woolworths. Guylian heart-shaped Belgian chocolates are $3.99 for 100g (save $4), while a 400g bar of Toblerone is $4.99 (save $5).

Also half price are packs of 10 Borg's frozen spinach and ricotta pastizzi at $2.99 (save $3). I first bought these to serve at my book club meeting, since I am hopeless at actually making hors d'oeuvres, but afterwards I discovered that leftover pastizzi make a delicious lazy dinner. Just pop the damn things in the oven.

What could be an easier Valentine's Day dinner while half-pissed on cheap 'champas'?

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