Friday, February 15, 2013

Adults own ladders

Sometimes I worry that I am not a functional adult who can fix my own shit. One of the grown-up possessions I do not yet own is a ladder. This means that I am helpless to change smoke-alarm batteries or high-up light bulbs, pick fruit off the trees in my backyard, clean my roof gutters or reach things in high cupboards without dragging chairs around.

But there are some inexpensive ladders at Bunnings that can take me a few steps further up to adulthood. For reaching high shelves, there's a two-step folding ladder for $18.90. This can be tucked in a cupboard or shed, or around the side of the fridge, when not in use.

Of the various higher ladders, I think the best value is the Rhino Dual Purpose Aluminium Ladder at $89. You can use it as a regular A-framed step ladder up to 1.8m, or flip the other side up to make a 3.3m straight ladder for leaning against walls, etc. It takes 120kg.

If you invest in a ladder, you'll get years of use out of it.

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